Many Americans rely on daily medication to maintain their health

Mix Ups Happen

Many Americans rely on daily medication to maintain their health. They often need to take several types of medicines, many of which need to be taken a number of times a day at a specific time. With several medications to take, along with different methods of administration, a mix up could not only be overwhelming but could be dangerous. 

According to the CDC, most older Americans (48%) take at least one medication and many older adults take three or more medications each day.  Older adults comprise 13% of the U.S. population, but account for 34% of all prescription medicine use, and 30% of all over-the-counter (OTC) medicine use. With these statistics, seniors are at risk of drug interactions and the potential for side effects, because of how many medications they must manage. Some types of medications have a short-acting effect. They need to be spaced out to ensure that there’s a consistent level of medicine in the patient’s system.  It’s easy to forget about taking certain medications at specific times, which can lead to taking an incorrect dosage, or winding up without the vital protection the medication provides from one dose to the next.  

There are ways to remind yourself or your loved ones of the time to take medication, but none are easier and more effective than MedSensible’s medication administration adherence solutions.  MedSensible covers the whole spectrum of medication assistance and not only serves as a reminder, but also to notify your preferred proxy, family member or healthcare professional if a dose is missed. The MedSensible solutions provide easy ways to have complete peace of mind over your own or your loved one’s medication schedule. Thus, saving you time and reducing your anxiety.

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