Nurses can now take advantage of the Gig-Work Economy

Medication Assistance on Demand

In our convenience- and technology-driven world, platforms like Uber and Lyft, offering rideshare and delivery services through mobile apps, have become increasingly popular.  Not only have these services proven to be convenient problem solvers for those in need of a ride and those who need extra income alike, they have become a backbone for its users to rely on.  The gig-work economy thrives on easy-to-use platforms that solve the woes of both its users and workers.  Now Certified Nurse Assistants, Licensed Practical Nurses, Licensed Vocational Nurses, and Registered Nurses can join the gig-work economy to help solve America’s problem of medication adherence, while enjoying flexible and independent income. 

MedSensible’s Mobile MedNurse platform was designed to physically help Americans at home with their medication administration. The assistance is delivered via a CNA, LPN, LVN, or RN without having to pay for a 2-8 hour booking minimum from a home health care agency.  Instead, patients can pay for the help they truly need in 15-minute increments, allowing for more frequent visits from nurses. Mobile MedNurse not only saves patients money, but allows the mobile nurses to make a desirable income on their own schedule, and within specific zip codes that they choose. The system is a powerful combination of technology and collaboration that proves to be the most effective and affordable on-site medication management assistance program in the industry, while giving nurses freedom to work on their terms.  It is a solution for people who need some help with medication administration, and a solution for nurses who want the flexibility of joining the growing gig-work economy, without having to drive strangers to far destinations. 

Ready to join the revolution of medication adherence?  Join here as a Mobile MedNurse in your area or take ownership in the Territory Ownership Program.

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