Full spectrum of medication administration assistance

Help with your medication administration regardless of how much help you need

Some people just need a simple reminder to take their medication, while others need a helping hand to physically assist with medication administration.  Regardless of how much help you need,  MedSensible has a range of solutions to assist. 

The Medication Manager

The Medication Manager is an internet- and app-based platform designed with ease of use and convenience in mind.  The system itself has a broad spectrum of assistance and allows involvement of third parties, such as doctors, nurses and family members concerned with an individual’s medication administration. The Medication Manager integrates seamlessly with the other MedSensible solutions, such as My Medication Station, for truly wholesome assistance.  Sign up for The Medication Manager for free.

My Medication Station

My Medication Station is an easy-to-use, electronic medication dispensing management system that eliminates confusion of having to sort through various medications.  Holding up to a week’s supply of medications, and providing audio and visual cues, My Medication Station is a robust system for your medication management.  Its internet-ready capabilities send alerts through The Medication Manager’s Support Team feature, and can also trigger visits by a Mobile MedNurse.

Mobile MedNurse

Mobile MedNurse is a direct and human solution for medication administration.  This at-home solution was created for those that need extra personal assistance to ensure their medication management needs are met.  Visits from a CNA, LPN, or RN can be scheduled on a recurring basis or on an as-needed basis for approximately 50 percent below typical home care agency fees.  Nurses may assist with various medications and may set up The Medication Manager and My Medication Station as tools to provide maximum assistance.

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