Help Your Senior Parents Age With Dignity

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Worrying about a senior parent or elderly loved one taking the correct medication on time and in the right quantity?  With MedSensible medication management solutions, you can gain peace of mind! Not only could our platforms tell you if your loved one took the medication but help you determine why they haven’t and what’s going on. 

MedSensible solutions were created for anyone needing medication assistance at any level.  The solutions are discussed in depth in our webinar. We can eliminate your medication management problems!

The Medication Manager

Our FREE internet- and app-based platform called The Medication Manager, is designed with ease of use and convenience in mind. The Medication Manager makes it possible for anybody to manage their medication or help another with their medication administration at a distance.  All that is needed is a smart phone or computer to make a big difference in one’s quality of life.  The Medication Manager has a broad spectrum of assistance and allows involvement of third parties, such as doctors, nurses and family members concerned with an individual’s medication administration. The Medication Manager integrates seamlessly with the other MedSensible solutions, such as My Medication Station, for truly wholesome assistance.

My Medication Station

My Medication Station is an easy-to-use, electronic medication dispensing management system that eliminates confusion of having to sort through various medications.  Holding up to a week’s supply of medications, and providing audio and visual cues, My Medication Station is a robust system for your medication management.  Its internet-ready capabilities send alerts through The Medication Manager’s Support Team feature, and can also trigger visits by a Mobile MedNurse. 

Mobile MedNurse

Mobile MedNurse is a human solution for direct medication administration.  The Mobile MedNurse platform was created for those that require personal assistance to ensure their medication management needs are met.  Nurses may assist with various medications and may set up The Medication Manager and My Medication Station as tools to provide maximum assistance.   The Mobile MedNurse system is expected to launch Fall 2020 in select areas.

We Can Help You with Any Medication Challenge Faced by Your Family