Ownership Detail

The Territory Ownership Program, or TOP for short, in an investment opportunity that permits community members to participate in our company’s income.  The pioneering program awards individuals ownership of a territory. This enables them to share in the revenue MedSensible’s offering generates in their territory.

There are five key components associated with the TOP:

Component 1: The Revenue Sources

Each of our three medication management system products have distinct business models and corresponding revenue streams. The Medication Manger generates sponsorship revenue; My Medication Station creates income from each system sold; and Mobile MedNurse generates a technology fee for each field encounter a nurse provides to an individual. As a TOP owner, you participate in these multiple revenue streams.

Component 2: The Territory

We create territories on a county-by-county basis: Population is a key factor. Most often, a territory is a single county. However, in rural areas with a low population, a territory may consist of more than one county.

Once the territory’s geographical boundary is established, its total population is used to determine the territory’s value for the TOP. To come up with the value, we use the territory’s demographics and assign a price factor to it. Thereafter, we simply multiply the population by the price factor. For example, if the territory has a population of 100,000 and the price factor is $1, the value of the territory is $100,000.

Component 3: Your Ownership Determination

We make participation in the TOP affordable to everyone in the community. You do not have to be rich to participate with us. Our entry level participation amount is $500.00. You can make an investment that fits your budget. Here’s an example: If you have a territory value of $100,000, a $2,000.00 investment would entitle you to a two percent ownership of the territory. Although two percent may not sound like a large percentage, the value is realized when you see the percentage return on your investment.

Component 4: Return on Your Investment

Obviously, the entire population of a territory will not use MedSensible’s products. Only a small percentage of the population will use one or more of the tools. That’s okay, because users of the products, with the exception of a one-time purchase of My Medication Station, continue to use the products in an ongoing basis. This sets the stage for you to receive recurring income from your TOP investment. We call this ongoing revenue scenario an annuity-like compensation plan.

MedSensible’s products generate monthly income from their use in a territory. We share this money with the territory’s owners. TOP investors get 30 percent of the revenue! Using the example above, assume you invested $2,000 and that bought you two percent of the territory. Now, let’s say the territory generated $16,000 in January. Here is how your income is calculated:

  • Multiply the $16,000 revenue by 30 percent, thus allocating $4,800 to the investors
  • Take the TOP’s allocation of $4,800 and multiply it by each owner’s percentage
  • In this example, you purchased 2%, so $4,800 multiplied by 2% is $96 for January
  • The nature of the products’ use is ongoing, so let’s use $96 per month as your income
  • $96 multiplied by 12 months equals $1,152, which is your revenue for the year
  • Dividing $1,152 by your $2,000 investment equals a 58 percent annual return

Obviously, the numbers used above are an example. The demographics of your territory play a large role in the amount of revenue generated from the territory. Further, the opening of a new territory takes development time and planning. Accordingly, revenue is typically not generated immediately. Revenue gradually increases as the products’ use becomes more prevalent in the community.

Component 5: Your Income

We make electronic payment transfers to territory owners on a monthly basis. We provide all TOP owners an internet-based administrative panel. This interface can be used for, among other actions, tracking the activity being generated by their territory and reviewing all accounting and revenue transfers from us.


The TOP is a visionary plan that was put into place to foster word-of-mouth promotion of MedSensible’s offering. It is a rare combination of a program focused on medication assistance with one of financial prosperity. We encourage you to consider joining us as an owner in your local TOP. Everyone participating is truly making an investment in both health and humanity!

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